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About Kentwell's Tudor Days

During a visit to one of Kentwell's award winning Tudor Days you will immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of the 16th Century.

Kentwell is one of the finest moated Tudor Houses in England. Several times a year we turn back the clock. For a period of time the entire Kentwell 25 acre estate is as it was in Tudor times.

Visitors enter our Time Tunnel (in summer only) to become visitors to the Manor of Kentwell, and will be treated as such by all they meet. Our Tudors won't simply tell you about what Tudors used to do. They are Tudor folk, re-living the life of the time as people of all walks of life, and for the period of your visit you will be part of that community.

What may visitors see?

They will see, hear and smell the sights, sounds and smells of Tudor England in one of England's finest Tudor Locations. Depending on the time of year there may be anything from 60 -250 Tudors on the manor. Persons of all ages from babes in arms to the elderly; of all stations from the Gentry Family who lived at the Hall to the humblest workers; from skilled artisans fashioning items of quality or use to mere labourers; from the learned to the ignorant.

Nowhere else presents such a range, such contrasts or such variety. Dull it isn't. Stimulating, informative and fun, it most certainly is. Some visitors visit year after year.

Clothes follow the fashions of the Tudor age - which differed significantly at different times during the 120 years of the Tudor period. The speech adopted is different too but readily understood.
It may surprise visitors that Kentwell's Tudors are not prepared to recognize the modern age. But real Tudors, encountered in the 16th Century would have been as disbelieving.

Do Visitors have to dress up to visit a Re-Creation?

No, it is not necessary for any visitor to dress up on public days.

However, we do encourage all schools visiting the Great Annual or September Re-Creation weekday to wear costume. Visit our dedicated schools site for more information on school visits to a Tudor Day.

  • Hall and Gardens during a Re-Creation of Tudor Life
  • Gentry Singing at Great Annual Re-Creation
  • May Day Procession
  • Tudor High Summer
  • May Day Procession
  • Tudor Parade
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