Michaelmas Weekend

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  • House Open - view the Hall (some rooms downstairs will contain Tudors!).

  • Gardens Open - in all their autumn splendour. Over 10 acres of garden, moats, ponds and woodland. Breathtaking.

  • Step back in time to see everyday life in Tudor Times with over 100 Tudors about the manor, under cover and in the grounds.

  • Apples and Pears: meet Kentwell's gardeners and find out all about the native fruit grown in Kentwell's Walled Garden.

All of our activities will go on, whatever the weather, and your visit can certainly fill a whole day. Come early and stay for the day, there is so much to see and do - a visit to a Kentwell event really is a whole Day Out!

We'll also be serving delicious lunches, teas and snacks in our Stableyard area.


The Feast of St Michael and All Angels (St Michael's Mass = 'Michaelmas') falls in September. Because if occurs near the equinox in England, it marked the ending and the beginning of the husbandman's year.

This was a most important time for folk in Tudor times because it was usually the time to celebrate a harvest which (they hoped) was both good and had been brought safely in. This was vital as without a good harvest safely gathered some might starve by early the following spring.

Goose was traditionally eaten at this time and the Reeve for the year was elected by those working the land.

The Michaelmas Re-Creation

This is one of our smaller re-creation events, with approximately 100 costumed Tudors about the Manor. It carries through as many of the Summer Re-Creations' themes and activities as possible with activity on the Front Sward, in the House, much in the Moat House and some undercover in the Gardens & Farm areas.

Many visitors tell us they prefer the more intimate nature of this Event which often has almost as wide a spread of activities as the summer re-creations. It is especially popular with those who find the size of the Summer Re-Creations too much.

We were staying in Clare and looking to amuse the children. At first I jibbed at the cost for 4 adults and 5 children but I am so glad I bit the bullet. Even with the poorish weather the whole thing was truly excellent, by far the best "re-creation" I have ever attended. How wonderful to see a Tudor kitchen with real food preparation rather than plaster models. The costume detail was spot on (even down to shoes) and the participants were forthcoming and excellent at providing information. Congratulations!

Apples and Pears

Apple and pear trees dominate the Walled Garden in Autumn and this year are particularly fruitful. Alas, the supermarket sells you very few varieties, mostly imported. There are over 6,000 varieties of English apples and almost as many of pears. Come to the Walled Garden and meet our 'real' Gardeners, who will be pleased to tell you about the varieties grown at Kentwell, on the ancient fruit trees.


Kentwell is not just a fair weather visit - Tudor life continues whatever the weather. There will be both indoor and outdoor activities with some outdoor activities moved inside if the weather fails us.

School Visits to the Michaelmas Re-Creation

The Re-Creation carries on into the weekdays when it is open to pre-booked school parties only, just like for the Great Annual Re-Creation's weekdays. This has proved a very popular Re-Creation for Schools and is usually fully booked quite quickly. For school party bookings see our School Visits page.

House, Garden & Farm

House, Gardens & Farm will all be fully open this weekend.

How long to spend?

Most people arrive early and aim to spend most of the day here - there is so much to do and see.


We shall be be serving homemade lunches and teas in the Stableyard Restaurant.

There is a picnic site by the Main Gates with a marvellous view of the house, however we do not allow picnics inside the grounds.

Please do not attend in Costume!

We ask that visitors to any Kentwell event do not attend in any sort of costume.

Tickets and Prices

Special Prices apply for this weekend - please see below. HHA visitors do not enjoy free entry during this weekend.

You don't have to buy tickets in advance and can usually be sure of buying tickets on entry.

No dogs are allowed within the grounds.

Please note: online tickets must be booked before 9am the day of your visit.

Ticket Prices

TicketPriceOnline Price
Adult Ticket17.0016.00
Senior Ticket16.2515.25
Child Ticket (5-15yrs) 13.2512.25
Family Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Children)58.0050.00
Open on: 
Sat 21 September - Sun 22 September
Open times: 
11am - 5pm
Number of Re-Creation Folk: 
Over 100
Amount of House open: 
  • Hall and Gardens during a Re-Creation of Tudor Life
  • Gentry Singing at Great Annual Re-Creation
  • May Day Procession
  • Tudor High Summer
  • May Day Procession
  • Tudor Parade
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