Heffalump Hunt

We’re going on a heffalump hunt
We’ve got our sticks to give it a shunt
If it’s tall, no matter at all!
If it scares us we'll give it a thump.

Brave explorers wanted to join a Heffalump Hunt through the Kentwell farm!

Written by Patrick Phillips, the owner of Kentwell, follow the poem and travel through fields and woodland, over a stream and through dark tunnels in pursuit of that most elusive of beings...the Heffalump! But beware!
Will you find the Heffalump before it finds you....!**

Great fun for all the family!

We’re the heffalump hunters we are, we are,
We’ll march until a heffalump we see,
As I can see so wondrously far,
I’ll see it before it sees me!

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All images and text © Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, Suffolk CO10 9BA