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Mindful Walking Meditation

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Mindful Meditations

The concept of Mindfulness is being spoken of a lot these days… a simple
technique which works wonders for de-stressing - but sometimes it can be hard
to achieve, as so much of the time we are caught up in our heads — thinking
of the past or future, planning, imagining, worrying…

We are pleased to announce that Brenda Louw of ChillOut Yoga will be leading
guided Walking Mindful Meditations in the Kentwell Hall Gardens from Monday
14 July. These Mindful Meditations, suitable for beginners or more
experienced meditators, will help you to enjoy simply being in the moment…
a skill you can develop to take into your daily life…

Mondays (excluding Bank Holidays) 6-7pm from 14 July

Meet at the main gates of Kentwell Hall, and from there we will walk to the

Please note, the times and days will change with the seasons, so be sure to check www.chilloutyoga.co.uk for updates. The walks are also weather dependent! If you are unsure, please do check to see if the walk is going ahead (call or text on 07791 385240).

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