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Tough Tenting Tudors Tudor-on Toughly

Our Tudor volunteers do an amazing job. The team this Easter weekend, however, deserve extra thanks. When Hurricane Katie hit Kentwell at approx 2am on Sunday morning, a number of the hardy souls staying over in their tents were suddenly ripped from their slumbers by the violence of the storm.

Tents collapsed, or threatened to blow away. Caravans were buffetted and usually-stationary items blew around alarmingly. However, our ever-hardy team of Kentwellies rallied round and helped each other get sorted out, and even managed a few hours of shut-eye, before stoically making ready to receive and entertain the visitors for the day.

Few who visited on Sunday would have realised the broken night the majority our Tudors had endured.

Thank you to our not-easily-fazed, decidedly un-wimpy Tough Tudors who braved and beat the storm, and still put on an excellent event for our visitors. You really are a tremendous bunch!

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