Company Family Days

A number of Companies choose to have summer parties when employees (or employees and their families) can come together for a relaxing day. Kentwell is ideal for this purpose. The House, Gardens and Farm have much to interest all ages and additional activities can be provided.

These days can be structured for days when House & Gardens are Open to the Public; but also for days when the House is not open.
It is important to realise that Kentwell devises each day differently to match exactly what the organizer seeks. If you want something different, we shall be enthusiastic to arrange it.

Days when House is Open to the Public

Such days usually start with guests arriving from 2.00pm to enjoy the House & Gardens (then also Open to the general public). Once public opening ceases (usually at 4.30pm or 5.00pm) the Company will have Kentwell to themselves for Activities which can continue until dusk. Full Catering, which in summer can be an informal outside Barbecue, can be provided. Or quite simply there could be an evening Reception with a Jazz Band playing, followed by a meal.

Days when House is not Open to the Public

The day may start in the morning with Coffee & Biscuits perhaps followed by a Business Meeting or Conference until lunch. After which Guests can view House & Gardens or engage in Activities until Afternoon Tea . The day can end then or continue with further Activities into the evening with Reception, Band and Meal as above.


Best for this type of day is always a Kentwell Quiz. Kentwell Quizzes test and infuriate, entertain and stimulate, inform and excite even the most jaded minds. Everyone can attempt them, on their own or in teams with a group of colleagues, as they choose. Prizes can be awarded for best efforts. The Quiz is available to be completed throughout the day. It can keep some occupied all day.

Or choose a selection of Kentwell's own Tudor Style Activities. The most popular are Longbow Archery, Pike Drill or even Swordfighting for the energetic or Faggot Oven Bakery, Marchpane Subtlety making, Spinning, Quill Writing and similar for those seeking something more domestic. Guests can be arranged in small groups to move round from Activity to Activity to have a go at several.

In a lighter vein there is Boating on the Moat (including, perhaps, the Three Men in a Boat Race). This can be fun for watchers as much as participants. There is also Soft ball on the Front Lawns, more demanding physically but not very difficult and thus may be enjoyed by all.

Other traditional Garden Games, such as wooden Tower Bricks, Four-in-a row, Giant Dominoes or Draughts and the like are less energetic but no less fun.
In addition we can organize imported activities such as 5-a-side Table Football which all ages and both sexes together can play.


A Reception serving drink and (if required) Canapés is usually fitted in at a convenient time. Instead of a Jazz Band , there could be a Quartet or other Musicians. There could also be additional Entertainers, such as a Silhouette Artist or a Caricaturist to record the guests or a Close Magician to confound them.



Kentwell barbecues on the Lawns are a delight in summer and usually feature (if the numbers justify it) a Hog Roast and the usual BBQ items, except that in Kentwell's case the meats are usually from Kentwell's own Rares Breed, extensively reared. These are accompanied by a selection of salads. Puddings are usually fresh fruit salad, fruit flans or strawberries & cream. Sit down Meals in the Undercroft or Overcroft may be preferred.

Other Catering

This may include morning Coffee & Biscuits or Afternoon Tea & Cakes during the Day. Yet, at its simplest Kentwell can provide just a small Luncheon or Dinner to mark a special occasion (to reward successful work or mark a retirement) or simply to bring some employees together socially.


Kentwell charges for the Facility, for the numbers attending, for setting up and running the Activities chosen and for the Barbecue and any other catering. Total cost varies depending upon all these variables but usually works out at between about £40 and about £60 per person plus VAT.

  • Weddings at Kentwell
    Weddings at Kentwell - the perfect place for your perfect day
  • Reception in Walled Garden
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  • Drinks in courtyard of the house
  • Wedding reception in the Overcroft
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